Home Entertainment Alitucheza Aki! Rayvanny Criticised For Lying That He Burnt Down His Multi-Dollar Home

Alitucheza Aki! Rayvanny Criticised For Lying That He Burnt Down His Multi-Dollar Home

The singer stated that he burnt down his house on purpose

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Popular Tanzanian superstar dubbed Rayvanny has been trending lately after a video of his burnt house raised mixed reactions online. This was after it was speculated that Rayvanny made the decision of burning his house to release a music video for his song, “I miss you.” The song has been done by Rayvanny and his Wasafi colleague dubbed Zuchu. Responding to the allegations, the singer wrote,

“It was my dream to make everything as real as possible during the video shoot. I said I will build a house and then set it on fire and my team thought I was crazy. But we did and we burnt down all of it to make the video shoot look real.”

However, stories coming up allege that Rayvanny might have lied about burning his house to popularise his song. According to a popular Tanzanian celebrity, he wrote,

“Imebainika kuwa nyumba aliyoijenga Rayvanny na kuichoma moto imejengwa kwa mabox sio ya matofali na bati kama wengi walivyodhani.”


Well, Rayvanny is one of the artists in Tanzania with huge number of YouTuber subscribers. The leading artist is his boss Diamond Platinumz, who is also the only artist in Africa who has surpassed 6 million YouTube subscribers. What is the most outstanding thing about Rayvanny? Which of his songs is your favourite?


The story has been trending in Kenya for the past few hours, with majority of his fans in the country admiring the extend the singer had gone to practice his art. Without any doubt, Rayvanny has a large fan base in Kenya. He is among the top viewed artists in Kenya for the past few years. However, not all fans praised the singer. Some were so pissed because he lied. Well, what do you think about this story? Kindly share your insights with us down below. Refer to this source.

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