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Wetangula On Spot For Trying To Incite Western Region To Vote For Raila And Not Ruto

DP Ruto told about how Wetangula is inciting people to vote for Raila instead of Ruto

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wetangula with Mudavadi and Kalonzo

‌After what local Senator Moses Wetangula did on Sunday, things can only go poorly for Kenya Kwanza in Bungoma County, according to one of the prominent political analysts. Despite having been guaranteed the position of National Assembly Speaker if Kenya Kwanza won, Wetangula was permitted to defend his seat on Sunday.

Even though DP William Ruto claims he has every right to run, political expert Kennedy Echesa believes this is one of the factors that could lose him the presidency. He claims that because Wetangula is a Kenya Kwanza Co-principal, his candidacy demonstrates that he is not certain in Ruto’s victory and is reinforcing himself.

This, he told the Standard, will create a narrative in Western Kenya that Ruto is losing, potentially leading to people voting for him.

Wetangula with Kalonzo and Mudavadi

Because he is a principle, his position will hurt Kenya Kwanza in Bungoma because he does not appear to believe in the party’s chances of winning. He confirmed that he doubts Kenya Kwanza will be able to secure enough MPs and senators to ensure his coalition’s unassailable position. He also feels that Wetangula’s move demonstrates that he has anticipated a loss, as evidenced by his determination to attempt and secure something for himself if things go wrong.

Echesa feels that if Wetangula believed in Ruto, he would have stayed out of the race and concentrated on getting Ruto the 70% he requires from Western.

Echesa said that Wetang’ula would not have run for Senate if he was confident enough. He would have focused his efforts on obtaining the needed 70% of Luhya votes.

If Ruto wins, Wetangula indicated on Sunday that the Speakership may easily be given to someone else. This is something that raises questions communicating a message that in deed, Wetangula doesn’t see any more future for kenya Kwanza unless things change on the way.

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