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Why Banking with the Right Bank Matters to You

NCBA Bank has stood out as the most convenient financial institution nationally and internationally due to its customer-friendly packages and services

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Photo of NCBA building entrance

The post-pandemic recovery period has highlighted a stark reality for many individuals and businesses; and the reality is that your choice of financial partner could make or break you.

The business slow down, production output drop, lay-offs, salary cuts and school closures affected all, made worse by the potential and in some cases real medical bills that pushed many Kenyans to the edge of financial depression.

Three years since the lock-down was officially ended, many are yet to recover to their former situations. Some business changes that were temporary have become permanent with 3 out of 10 employees who lost their jobs during the pandemic years yet to regain employment.

NCBA bank officials during a past photo session

NCBA bank officials during a past photo session

Some household changes have similarly refused to be reversed with many double income households which were forced to rely on one breadwinner still adjusting to the reality of less resources, less school fees, less expenditure on healthcare and insurance and less mobility with the family car being sold to provide liquid cash for a new reality.

The choice of bank and banking products that you rely on during this tough economic period has been vital to survival. While some banks have become vultures in the eyes of their clients through asset repossession and restrictive borrowing conditions, some banks have developed an understanding and caring attitude towards your business, investments and side hustles so that you can define your business and financial goals clearly and go for it.

NCBA building in NairobI

NCBA building in NairobI

One of the banks looking to the future and growth with its customers is NCBA. Under the slogan “Twende Mbele”, the bank’s numerous and diverse products seem to say, ‘Let’s define a new chapter of personal growth, put the tough times behind us and move towards a great tomorrow’.

Let’s look at some of these products and how NCBA help’s you to Go For It.

  1. Personal & Mobile Loans up to Ksh. 70,000: Pesa huchelewa saa zingine and that’s when you need quick cash to sort out your bills. NCBA’s personal and instant mobile loans give you peace of mind so you can focus on the big picture. School fees? Rent? Emergency medical?… even cooking gas.
  2. Your biashara is sorted: A side hustle business is becoming a necessity in our day and age. Kibanda, boutique, go down or bigger, NCBA can be a banking partner that helps you to go for it. If you need a small loan to ‘top-up’ your supplier you can get up-to Ksh, 70,000 and pay back within 30 days. Need more to buy new stock? NCBA offers upto Ksh. 6 Million business stock loan so you can dream big, think big and go for it.
  3. From Kadudu to pick-up to trela (Trailer truck): A good vehicle is a necessity to moving you and your business forward. NCBA makes vehicle asset financing easy as a, b, c with 80% financing, 48 months repayment (flexible) and low as 1.5% processing fees. Additionally, vehicle insurance is also part of the deal…like nowhere else.


Other customer-oriented products from NCBA include Ksh. 250,000 salary advance which you can pay back on relatively flexible terms compared to most other banks.

Nobody knows when the next financially difficult period will land on Kenyans. Could be tomorrow or next year, but when that time comes you will need a friendly bank where you are confident in moving into the next chapter of change. NCBA Bank may be the bank that says “Twende Mbele” in your new chapter.

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