Home News EACC Raids KNH and Senior Officials’ Homes Following Widespread Graft

EACC Raids KNH and Senior Officials’ Homes Following Widespread Graft

Anxiety is high following reports that EACC detectives have raided several homes and offices of senior officials of KNH in what appears to be an all-round fight against graft.

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The Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission detectives are currently raiding the offices and homes of senior employees of Kenyatta National Hospital in a move that has left many speculating that the latest reports of massive looting and graft cases in the facility, where millions of Kenyans’ taxpayers’ money have been lost, could be the trigger of the unexpected move.

According to the latest media reports, it has not been established what has been discovered during the ongoing raid and who has been arrested by the detectives, who usually don’t leave culprits whenever they come across them during the raid.

Kenyatta National Hospital (KNH)

Kenyatta National Hospital (KNH)

A few days ago, Mambo Mseto reported that Kamuri has used the parliamentary health committee, PS Harry Kimutai, and the office of the head of the public service to maneuver his way, buying renewal of his loyal crafty directors’ employment contracts to have them stay to continue looting. KNH is now run like a dispensary despite having the best professionals in East and Central Africa.

The PS, after consuming the chunks of money and enjoying the soft life provided by the KNH looters, is now threatening and bulldoze the board of management and threatening to disband them. He has introduced a new way of looting that we will share shortly.

Nevertheless, KNH has been making news headlines over claims that its leadership, led by Chief Executive Officer Evanson Kaimuri, has made the once-largest and best referral hospital struggle to the point that patients are being forced to buy drugs because pharmacy stores are empty.

KNH CEO Evanson Kamuri

KNH CEO Evanson Kamuri

Also, there have been claims of extortion where Chief Executive Officer Evanson Kaimuri reportedly asks for kickbacks before being awarded various tenders or positions.

Apart from graft and mismanagement of public resources, the leadership of Kenyatta National Hospital, led by its Chief Executive Officer Evanson Kaimuri, has been making news headlines negatively over several cases of negligence that have led to loss of lives, with the latest incident being the one where a mother complained that doctors in the facility neglected her baby who had internal brain injuries until he died.

At the time, Kenyatta National Hospital (KNH) management called for an inquest into the death of Travis Maina, who was rushed to the facility with a fork jembe lodged into the head.

According to KNH Chief Executive Officer Evanson Kamuri, who appeared before the Senate Health Committee baby Travis could have been a victim of domestic wrangles between the father and mother.

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