Home News “Kukaliwa Nayo” Mixed Reactions After Kenyan Pastor Size 8 Reveals DJ Mo Washes Her Innerwears

“Kukaliwa Nayo” Mixed Reactions After Kenyan Pastor Size 8 Reveals DJ Mo Washes Her Innerwears

Size 8 ignited a heated debate on social media after disclosing that she washes her husband's underwear

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Kenyan gospel singer-turned-pastor, Size 8, disclosed that she and her husband, DJ Mo, wash each other’s undergarments. The information was shared during their reality show, which airs on TV47 every Sunday.

Size 8, who has been married to DJ Mo for over a decade, stated that she willingly washes her husband’s underwear. In a surprising twist, DJ Mo echoed her sentiments, revealing that he has been reciprocating the gesture for the entire duration of their marriage.

Size 8, Dj Mo address faithfulness, honesty in marriage - The Standard  Entertainment

DJ Mo, Size during a past incident. Photo: Tuko

The revelation has sparked a flurry of reactions on social media, with the phrase “Kukaliwa Nayo” trending as netizens weigh in on the matter. A section of the online community has criticized the mother of two, accusing her of oversharing details about her relationship with the public.

However, others have come to the couple’s defense, arguing that their actions demonstrate a deep level of intimacy and mutual respect in their relationship. They contend that the couple’s actions challenge societal norms and stereotypes about gender roles within marriage.

The debate has extended beyond the couple’s actions, sparking a broader conversation about privacy and the boundaries of what is considered acceptable to share in the public domain.

Size 8 In Tears Over Dj Mo

Size 8, Dj Mo posses for a photo

As the debate rages on, it remains to be seen how this revelation will impact the couple’s public image and their reality show’s ratings. Will this intimate revelation draw more viewers to their show, or will it push away those who feel it’s an overshare?

In a quick rejoinder, DJ Mo said: “Kwa nini watu wanashtuka wakiskia naoshewa boxers Nimeoshewa boxes for 10 years now. Kwani wewe huoshewangi (Why are people shocked when they hear that my boxers are cleaned by my wife? She has been washing my underwear for 10 years now. Don’t your wife wash yours)?”

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