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UDA Vice Chair Abandons Ruto, Joins Raila’s Azimio La Umoja

United Democratic Alliance party Vice Chairman leaves DP Ruto's camp joining Raila's Azimio

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Deputy President William Ruto is in for a big political loss following the defection of a high-raking official of his UDA party who has abandoned him. Kipruto Arap Kirwa, a confidant of the Kenya Kwanza Presidential running mate is reportedly on his way to Raila’s Azimio La Umoja coalition through the DAP-K Party.

According to the DAP-K party, Arap Kirwa will be officially welcomed into Azimio La Umoja by Raila Odinga who is still on a tour of the party’s stronghold, the western province.

Mixed reactions have followed the development. Comentator Mohammed Wehliye, speaking on why Arap Kirwa took this decision at such a late stage, claimed the following reasons for his departure:

“The young folks perhaps don’t know a lot about Kipruto Arap Kirwa. It was very difficult for him to belong to the other side. The UDA Vice-Chair has left the house and joined where he can engage in a conversation with the likes of Kituyi, Kibwana, Karua, Raila & other reformists,”

Wehliye posted on Twitter.

Speculation is rife that Arap Kirwa was muzzled in UDA and without a space to express himself, he appears to have been influenced by a leading politician within Azimio La Umoja, who forced him to quit DP Ruto’s party and go where he could have a say.


DAP-K Party officials

As we get closer to elections, defections and betrayal has become the talk of the town in Kenyan politics. Politicians continue to make surprising moves. There is a lot going on, and politicians are being swayed by a variety of causes, prompting them to quit their current party and join others. This is exactly what has happened to the United Democratic Alliance, as reports reveal that the party’s vice-chair has just left for Azimio.

“UDA Vice-chair Kipruto Arap Kirwa joins Azimio. To be received shortly at Mayuba Stadium by Baba na Mama. Wheelbarrow Tawe!”

DAP-Party revealed through their official Twitter account.

This raises a number of doubts in people’s thoughts regarding what is going on in Kenya Kwanza. Something appears to be wrong there, leading some lawmakers to resign and seek sanctuary elsewhere. We definitely expect more of such surprise moves the more elections move closer as some parties lose influence.

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