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Malala’s Police Security Team Withdrawn Over Hate Remarks

Senator Malala's Security withdrawn over his careless remarks against them

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Kakamega Senator Malala has found himself in more trouble following what he said the other day against policemen in Kenya. In his Western campaign statements which were deemed to be hate speech against policemen, he attacked the police service claiming that police work is just a matter of holding firearms and nothing big to deny others.

Speaking about the recruitment of new young people into security unit jobs, he said those in charge should allow them to join the police force if they have two arms and legs. A police officer’s work comprises solely the handling of firearms, which does not necessitate any training.

Information Source Link: https://twitter.com/citizentvkenya/status/1530859490588995587?s=19

Fresh updates have confirmed that Malala’s security has been withdrawn by the National Police Service Commission. NPSC stated that it has withdrawn the security detail attached to Kakamega senator Cleophas Malala until he goes to apologize accordingly for his careless statements which were very abusive.

“We know you Senator Malala. You must come and apologize properly to the police. We have agreed with the inspector general of police Hilary Mutyambai that you will continue moving around in Kakamega without security. If you want, you can take all those youth you claim have dropped out of school in Kakamega and make them your security. My police officers will not protect a politician who does not respect them,”

Said the police Chairperson.


NPS IG Hillary Mutyambai

This is meant to ensure Senator Malala goes to their offices to apologize as a civilized person and not just by making noise at political rallies saying he is sorry.

NPSC chair said such absurd and silly statements, were considered insulting and only intended to demean them. He said they have been completely demoralized as NPS club, including their dear families and companions. Malala will have to withdraw all these statements so as to be cleared and his security returned.

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