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‘You Have written My Eulogy While I’m Still alive!’ Akothee Tells A Fan Who Did The Unexpected To Her

by Mwende
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Esther Akoth, broadly known as Akothee, has once more caused a stir online. This is after she posted a video on her official Instagram account with a caption that seemed a bit controversial.
The message in the caption was aimed at praising and thanking one of her fans who recorded a song praising her. Another was over the moon, and she could not hide her happiness.
Another was excited and told the fan, “Thank you very much for this dedicated Oranga Jakano. You have written my eulogy while still alive. I love you. Allow me to enjoy myself.”
Another was so grateful to the guy and expressed her love for him for having praised her that much. It is unlike Akothee to get swayed away by anything someone does to her. This time around, this fan seems to have gotten her attention.

Akothee’s controversial post

This post that Akothee shared on Instagram has caused blended responses from Kenyans who felt that the guy sacrificed so much to get Akothee’s attention. They reacted differently.
Some Kenyans say that Akothee has a good number of diehard fans, while others suggest that Akothee should at least do something for the fan who made all those efforts to praise her.
Another is one of the respected Kenyan celebrities who have been in the music industry for the most extended period, and we want her to enjoy all that life will have to offer.
Do you think the fan was seeking attention from the secular artist, or did he do it out of his love for Akothee? What is your take on this? Feel free to let us know by simply leaving your opinion in the readers’ comments section below. Follow this platform for more updates on trending and breaking stories in and outside Kenya and the world at large.
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