Home News Oscar Sudi Urges Content Creators To Shun Exploitative Platforms And Join Lipalikes, A Platform That Pays

Oscar Sudi Urges Content Creators To Shun Exploitative Platforms And Join Lipalikes, A Platform That Pays

Sudi made the message while meeting Lipalikes representatives as he officially joined the new platform

by Isaac Odhiambo Snr
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Oscar Sudi Lipalikes

Legislator Oscar Sudi has urged local content creators to shun exploitative social media platforms and join a new Kenyan platform that rewards content creators’ talent and time. While announcing his joining of Lipalikes, a new social media platform revolutionizing the social media landscape in Kenya, Sudi called on content creators to look beyond merely having likes and engagements on their content but to focus on the value their content awards them.

As a prominent figure in Kenyan politics, Oscar’s decision to sign up and publicly endorse Lipalikes as the best place for content creators to make money emphasizes the platform’s potential to transform the dynamics of content creation, audience engagement and rewards that come from making and appreciating content, an important aspect that has eluded Kenyan content creators.

What you should know about Lipalikes

Lipalikes is a local innovation that stands out from other social media platforms by offering instant monetization opportunities for content creators. The platform eliminates traditional barriers to entry, enabling creators to monetize their content effortlessly based on the engagements that their content fetch.


Artistes and content creators at a past Lipalikes field day

Lipalikes’ unique appeal lies in its dedication to empowering content creators and equipping them with essential tools for success. It encourages a new perspective on social media, emphasizing meaningful connections and mutual support among creators. Users are encouraged to engage with other creators’ content through likes, Gota, love, and splash, with different monetary rewards pegged on the different engagements.

Unlike competing platforms like Tiktok that rely on third-party players to enable a creator access their money, Lipalikes users easily withdraw their money right into their MPESA accounts, with the withdrawal threshold set at an easy Ksh. 350. Isn’t that amazing?

Oscar Sudi’s pledge to content creators on Lipalikes

While announcing his decision to sign up on the new platform, MP Oscar Sudi announced that he will be empowering content creators on the platform through engaging their content which effectively earns their money. The flamboyant politician has indicated that he will splash content creators with unimaginable rewards and money, that they will be able to easily withdraw.

George Mungai and Oscar Sudi

Joining Lipalikes represents a shift towards a more collaborative and rewarding approach to social media. It’s not merely about accumulating likes and shares but fostering a supportive community of creators. With active involvement, Lipalikes aims to build a thriving ecosystem where creators uplift and inspire each other.

In essence, Lipalikes offers a fresh and innovative platform for content creation, sharing, and monetization. Oscar Sudi’s association with Lipalikes signals an exciting phase in the evolution of social media, inviting users to join this transformative journey and contribute to shaping the future of content monetization.

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