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Simba Arati Exposes Man Who Teargassed Martha Karua

Simba Arati links Kisii governor with Martha Karua's teargassing that happened in Kisii

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Simba Arati has heaped blame on Kisii Governor Jammes Ongwae for allegedly sending one of his bodyguards to throw tear gas at the rally where Martha Karua was speaking, even though he had no issues with him.

The Dagoretti North Mp said that the officer was thoroughly searched and that a cellphone was tracked. The cellphone was in constant contact with Governor Ongwae, who was giving the officer instructions to cause chaos in order to bring the meeting to a close. He said that this was done to prevent Karua from backing Mp Arati for governor because doing so would have an impact on Kisii voters who wouldn’t back Ongwae’s candidate.

“I must say that I now have evidence that Governor Ongwae ordered one of His police bodyguards to throw tear gas at Hon. Karua as she was speaking on stage in order to end Her speech indefinitely because Ongwae was afraid that She would support me and discredit His candidate, whom He wants to impose to the people. Examining the Officer’s records and phone, it was found that He had been in regular contact with Ongwae during the duration of the massacre.” said Hon. Simba Arati.

As more investigation continues, he further urged the police to detain the offender so that he can be brought before the court to testify against Ongwae. He added that they planned to kill people in that stadium in a well-planned attack so that they could paint Kisii Azimio supporters as being Kings of violence, thereby harming their reputation.

However, the Kisii governor apologized and counted himself out of this drama saying he had no linkage with what happened to Raila’s running mate. Ogwae said what is going viral originating from Simba Arati is false and people should avoid believing what he is taking viral.

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