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Raila Odinga’s Marsabit Trip Goes Bad As Flying Stones Bring Rally To Sudden End

Raila's supporters heckled by anti -Azimio supporters in Marsabit county

by Mambo Mseto Editor
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Raila Odinga’s gathering for the Azimio la Umoja One Kenya Coalition Party which was held in Marsabit County was cut short after supporters started fighting as they flied stones and sticks in air. The fight erupted just a few meters from where Raila and his running mate Martha Karua were seated when fighting broke among the political factions in Moyale town. As this happened, the meeting was still proceeding smoothly despite the confusion.

According to NTV, the altercation started when CS Ukur Yatani was speaking to the crowd. While others used the sticks they were carrying to launch their defensive and offensive strikes, supporters were seen striking each other in the viral video.

To calm down the angry gangs, police officers who were on duty to maintain law and order were compelled to use tear gas to restore peace. Order was quickly returned as the commotion subsided. According to the video captured at the scene, the youths who were heard chanting the names of their preferred aspiring county post candidates.

Because of this, they could not manage to hear any of what Raila was telling them.  As the chaos happened, the people lowered the campaign posters and kept quiet.


When the scenes had started getting ugly, it took the intervention of the other leaders and who accompanied Raila and Martha Karua together with the Chief Cabinet Secretary nominee Kalonzo Musyoka to calm down the youths.

This sent a very poor picture to Kenyans about what people are doing in some places across the country in rush to defend their preferred candidates. It is so sad to see young people getting obsessed too much by their politicians to an extent where they can have the guts of stoning opponents because of anger. However, Raila had a good day in the end after peace was restored.

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