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Mudavadi Scathingly Attacks Raila Over His Remarks On Ruto

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ODM leader Raila Odinga is still angry, bitter and sulky after his latest defeat in August, Chief Cabinet Secretary Musalia Mudavadi has claimed.

Mudavadi says that Raila, who lost to President William Ruto in August, is yet to overcome the defeat and recover from the anger of losing again, and is now on a mission to spoil it for Ruto.

He claims that it is for this reason that the former Prime Minister is opposing everything the government is doing, pointing out that he is also exaggerating things in the process, in a bid to turn the Commander in Chief.

The ANC leader has said that the earlier Raila accepts his fate the better, stressing on the need for the existing political grudge between him and the government side to end.


“Bear in mind that the government has barely been in office for 90 days. Therefore, such thoughts emanate from idle minds informed by pent-up anger of losing an election. The sooner some get over sulking over election loss, the better. We need to get over grudge politics,” he told The Standard.

He has also warned Raila and his troops against comparing Ruto’s government to those that came before it, terming this part of their plan to make the government look bad for incitement purposes.

“Nostalgia can be dangerous for an opposition that is supposed to oversee a current government. It’s time we realised that we are facing the worst financial and economic situation the country has ever faced in decades, across every parameter that is measurable,” the leader, a former Raila ally, further notes.

This comes at a time when Raila is opposing almost each of Ruto’s initiatives in his capacity as the Opposition Leader.

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