Home Politics Ruto’s Ally Calls For Security After Sensing Life Threats, Wants Mutyambai To Intervene

Ruto’s Ally Calls For Security After Sensing Life Threats, Wants Mutyambai To Intervene

Honourable Wainaina complains over life threats as Kenyans want Mutyambai to intervene

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Honourable Njoroge Wainaina, a well-known United Democratic Alliance politician, has cried out asking Hillary Mutyambai, the inspector general of police, to investigate his political rivals. According to information provided by a dependable source, it has been disclosed that the well-known politician gunning for the Kieni parliamentary seat has claimed that he believes his life is in danger and has thus requested an investigation from the inspector general of police.

Kenyans have called on the inspector general of police and the director of criminal investigations to investigate the response to this incident to determine whether or not his life is in danger. Kenyans have reacted on their various social media accounts to express their opinions and suggestions on the matter.

As this happens, DP Ruto, the deputy president of Kenya, Raila Odinga, and the leader of the Orange Democratic Movement party have urged Kenyans to vote peacefully in the coming general elections. Most Kenyans reportedly said it was regrettable that the government has not yet taken action against the growing number of renegade politicians currently doing everything they can to garner attention in advance of the upcoming general elections.

Some Kenyans have demanded that the directorate of criminal investigations look into whether or not this is genuine. In contrast, skeptics have called out the well-known politician, accusing him of seeking influence to get votes in the upcoming general elections. However, it remains unclear whether this is true or false because a politician complaining over life threats is not something to joke with.

We are at a time when everything is at its peak. Some politicians are ready to do everything possible to ensure they overthrow their closest competitors to avoid stiff competition when they enter the 2022 battle ring.


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