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Muthama: Ruto Has Laid Clever Plan To Defeat Raila In 2027

by KDB
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Former Machakos Senator Johnson Muthama has revealed President William Ruto power play that will make him even more powerful ahead of the 2027 General Election.

Speaking during an interview, Muthama hinted at Ruto’s plan to have Kenya Kwanza parties folded to join his United Democratic Alliance (UDA) when the five-year agreement runs out.

He noted that plans were in high gear to have United Democratic Alliance (UDA), which is headed by President William Ruto, presented as the sole ruling party in the 2027 polls.


He explained that the door would be open for other Kenya Kwanza parties to dissolve and formally“As far as we are concerned in the UDA party, especially in the leadership, we do not want to coerce anybody to dissolve his/her political party.”

“What we are saying is, God willing, come 2027, we want to go to the election as a political party known as UDA so our elections will be about the party.

“That’s why we are conducting the elections to the grassroots to make sure that we have recruited people from the grassroots,” he stated.

However, Muthama clarified that none of the parties would be coerced into folding their outfits to join that of the Head of State.

He noted that as of now, Kenya Kwanza’s agreement in respect to the August 9 polls was still intact.

“What we are saying is that we came into a Coalition with friendly parties who were sympathetic to us and we were sympathetic to them, we formed a Coalition and it went to the election and won the election. The Coalition is still intact.”

“Once that is done, anyone who feels like they want to fold their political party to join UDA, the doors are open for them. We don’t want to coarse, push or force anybody to do that. Kenya is a democratic party,” he explained.

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