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Ruto In Panic After Raila’s Latest Moves In Nairobi

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Azimio leader Raila and President Ruto

President William Ruto and his Kenya Kwanza Government are reportedly panicking over former Prime Minister Raila Odinga’s latest moves.

Raila recently attended the Bunge La Wananchi open session at the Jeevanjee gardens, Nairobi, in a bid to reinvent himself ahead of the 2027 General Election.

While blaming Ruto’s administration for making life unbearable for Kenyans, Raila defended his handshake buddy and former resident Uhuru Kenyatta on subsidies.


“I feel the same way Kenyans feel. The cost of living has gone up, the price of UNGA, fuel, and fare have all gone up but incomes have remained the same. It’s very painful,” Raila stated amid cheers from the hustlers.

And to show compassion, Raila went ahead to donate money to Boda Boda riders to buy fuel, a move that has not sat well with Ruto and his Kenya Kwanza.

They now believe, Raila is making a power move; something they vowed to nip in the bud.

According to the National Assembly Majority Leader Kimani Ichung’wah, Raila has been engaging in what he termed irrelevant public forums that are way below his standards as a former Prime Minister.

He urged Azimio to nominate Raila to EALA just to keep him busy and restore his honour.

“Such a nomination will not only bestow honour on a leader who has been a prime minister in Kenya but also dissuades him from doing what I have seen him doing in the recent past, attending the Bunga la Mwananchi forums at Jeevanjee gardens,” he said.

The majority leader further took issue with the recent move by the ODM leader to buy Boda Boda fuel worth KSh 20,000, saying Raila contributed to the economic hardship being witnessed by Kenyans.

“Raila Odinga should the last person to pretend to be engaging with Kenyans and giving KSh 20,000 to Boda Boda riders, it is actually an insult because he and Uhuru Kenyatta led those riders to the state of economy Kenya is in today,” he stated

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