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Raila Speaks Of Conceding Defeat If Opponents Beat Him Clean

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Deputy President William Ruto has indirectly woken up to good news after his main competitor for the August presidential election honorable Raila Odinga released a cool message.

According to the former Prime Minister who also serves as the presidential candidate for Azimio camp, he clearly stated that he will accept defeat if he loses to his opponents.

This comes after DP Ruto’s previous plea to Raila about what he will do by any chance he is defeated for the sake of Kenyan’s security.

DP Ruto was demanding that Raila should come out clear on matters results to create transparency on what people should expect in the coming elections.

This is a good relief to the second in command who can now rest assured that his opponent will not raise any issues that might jeopardize the peaceful transition of power when the right time.

The Uhuru succession race

This comes at a time when the two leaders are seeking to succeed President Uhuru Kenyatta as the fifth head of state once he leaves office in August after serving his two terms in government.

During this period, a good number of Kenyans have been looking forward to witnessing their leaders to give their stand on whether they will accept election results or not.

Many are very curious because by any chance any leader fails to concede defeat, this is something that might return us to the old dark times when the country suffered a lot, so many lives lost and property reduced to ashes. The best way of sorting this out is supposed to start from the top leaders who should guarantee to maintain peace even after loosing.

This happens as the ground seems to be getting lose on some of them who have fluctuating confidence in what they are going for because tables might surprisingly turn on them.

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