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Raila Exposes The Men Behind 2 Billion Stolen Everyday In Government

Raila now blames various officers for stealing over 2 Billion shilling everyday in Uhuru's government

by Mambo Mseto Editor
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As preparation for 2022 race continues, Raila Odinga, the former prime minister and presidential candidate for the Azimio La Umoje-One Kenya Alliance Party has revealed who is stealing KSH 2 billion per day from the government. Only a few months have passed since President Uhuru Kenyatta revealed that the government was losing this much money every single day.

The majority of commenters lambasted William Ruto, the deputy president, assuming that he was the target of the statement. But Raila Odinga has made everything obvious.  The government loses a lot of money in two main ways, according to Raila Odinga, who was speaking in a live interview with media outlets alongside his running mate for president, Hon. Martha Karua: during revenue collection and during the procurement of government goods and services.

Raila exposes corrupt government officials

Raila claimed that some treasure officers corrupted the tax collection procedure and enriched themselves with lavish flats in the metropolis even though they were paid meager salaries. Worst of all, the ODM leader exposed the shady activities carried out by procurement officials in significant government ministries.

He admired the cunning way in which these officers took use of their authority to steal from the government. Raila claimed that these officers established their own businesses to provide goods and services because the procurement was placed in their hands in the various ministries.

These officers conspired with colleagues in other ministries such that an officer in one ministry received bids to supply in other ministries and vice versa in order to avoid being discovered by auditors. The government lost billions of dollars as a result of the possibility that fake pricing with exorbitant fees could be made during the awarding of these tenders.

This is something that went without being followed to the bottom of the matter  despite the government making the biggest loss causing trouble to Kenyans.

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