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Blogger Pauline Njoroge Register Major Win Against The State In Court

by KDB
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A Malindi court on Monday closed a case in which blogger Pauline Njoroge was accused of making malicious posts on her social media.

The case which was being handled in Malindi was closed after the prosecution asked for more time yet again to gather evidence.

Pauline, in a Facebook post, confirmed the matter was a closed case and said the investigating officers were ordered to release her confiscated items.

“The Malindi Court has today closed my case after the prosecution once again failed to charge and asked for more time to gather evidence.

“My gadgets have also been released.”

Pauline, her friend Jane Nduta and taxi driver Emanze Jilani were arrested in July by Watamu police officers.

The vehicle they were travelling in was intercepted along the Watamu-Jakaranda road before police took custody of them.

A preliminary police report alleged that they had been found in possession of narcotics. They spent the weekend in custody and on Monday they were arraigned.

The narcotic accusations were dropped and she was accused of false publication of information and two other charges of cyber harassment in relation to the comments she made on her Facebook and Twitter Accounts.

She was later released unconditionally. Her gadgets, which have now been released, remained in police custody for forensic investigations.

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