Home News “Huyu Ni Deep State” Kenyans Left Speechless After What DCI Once Again Recovered in Mathee Wa Ngara Yard

“Huyu Ni Deep State” Kenyans Left Speechless After What DCI Once Again Recovered in Mathee Wa Ngara Yard

The alleged owner of the yard Nancy Kigunzu alias Mathee wa Ngara is in custody over claims of drug trafficking.

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DCI Commandos from the Anti-Narcotic Unit have once again cracked down on the notorious drug den in Ngara, Nairobi. In a well-coordinated pre-dawn raid, the team seized a staggering 100 kilograms of bhang from the infamous ‘Mathee Wa Ngara’ yard.

This significant operation comes exactly a year after a similar crackdown on the same location, signaling a relentless pursuit by authorities against drug peddlers in the region. Despite previous arrests and charges related to drug trafficking, it appears the illicit trade had resumed with impunity.

The yard, which had been previously shut down by law enforcement, was reportedly back in operation, much to the dismay of local residents. Their persistent complaints prompted the decisive action that led to the recent seizure. The community’s vigilance has been instrumental in bringing the issue to the forefront, showcasing the power of collective action against criminal activities.

Some of drugs that were seized at the yard in Ngara on March 18, 2024Image: HANDOUT

Some of drugs that were seized at the Mathee Wa Ngara yard in Ngara on March 18, 2024

At the heart of this operation is the alleged owner of the yard, businesswoman Nancy Kigunzu, also known as ‘Mathee wa Ngara’. She is currently in custody, facing serious allegations of orchestrating the drug trafficking network. Her arrest sends a strong message that no individual is above the law, and that persistent criminal behavior will be met with stringent legal consequences.

The reopening of the yard for drug trafficking, after its initial closure, raises questions about the challenges law enforcement faces in keeping such establishments permanently shut down. However, this latest bust demonstrates the unwavering commitment of the DCI Commandos to combat the drug menace plaguing the city.

As the community breathes a sigh of relief, the focus now shifts to the judicial process, where the full weight of the law awaits those found guilty of fueling the drug trade in Nairobi.

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