Home Politics Mudavadi Warns Luhyas Against Voting for Ruto’s UDA Candidate In Western Region

Mudavadi Warns Luhyas Against Voting for Ruto’s UDA Candidate In Western Region

by Sir Wabwire Jr
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Amani National Congress (ANC) party leader Musalia Mudavadi has turned guns against Deputy President William Ruto’s United Democratic Alliance (UDA) in the Western region, by vouching electorates to only vote for Ruto as president and reject all UDA candidates for other elective seats.

Speaking in the Maragoli dialect, Mudavadi rallied electorates not to embarrass him by electing UDA candidates in his rural turf.

“Let’s be honest and speak the truth, do want to tell me that Kalenjins will elect ANC candidate in Ruto’s Sugoi home? They will only elect UDA candidates and I want to urge you here not to embarrass me by voting for a UDA candidate” he said.

Mudavadi was campaigning for ANC Sabatia parliamentary candidate, Emanuel Ayodi, who is facing a bruising battle with UDA candidate Clement Sloya, Ibu Kidunduhu of ODM and Arafat Ikumu (Independent).

Mudavadi hinted that although ANC is a constituent party in Kenya Kwanza Alliance, it would solidify the support and grip in his rural bastion, by electing ANC candidates.

Musalia Mudavadi

“We are in Kenya Kwanza, yes, but that doesn’t prove that you vote for UDA candidates even for other seats. I want you to vote for Ruto as president and these other seats vote for ANC candidates” he added.

Emanuel Ayodi, Sabatia parliamentary candidate is seeking to replace incumbent Alfred Agoi, who shifted to vie for the governorship position.

This emerges barely a week after Ruto’s UDA candidate for the county women’s rep position, Jackline Mwenesi, wooed locals to vote six-piece for UDA candidates.

She urged residents to vote for UDA senator, Women rep, MPs and MCAs in the August contest.

“Let’s vote six-piece this time around, we need Senator from UDA, women rep from UDA, MPs from UDA, MCAs from UDA. This is not someone’s bedroom. This is not an ANC bedroom. Every candidate has a right to be elected regardless of party” she said.

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