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Kenya Kwanza Principal Beats Sister Over Land Tussle

Farmers Party leader and Murang'a gubernatorial candidate beats sister over land tussle

by Sir Wabwire Jr
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The Farmers Party leader and Murang’a gubernatorial candidate Irungu Nyakera slapped his sister, Nominated MCA in Murang’a County, Wambui Njoki over a family land tussle.

According to the video that has been trending on social media, Irungu Nyakera claims he bought the land where his blood sister had set a building while serving as PS and wanted her to vacate the premise.

“Who bought this land? I bought this land years ago while serving as PS. You either move out willingly or I purge you out,” Irungu Nyakera was heard saying during the melee that ensued.

The sister who is serving as nominated MCA in Murang’a on the other hand claimed that Irungu Nyakera had blocked her together with her sister from accessing the family properties including the land.

“You removed my name plus that of my sister from accessing our family properties. You will not succeed in taking this premise. I am not leaving” the embattled MCA stated.

She also alleged that the Kenya Kwanza Principal had earlier on conditioned her to join deputy president William Ruto’s hustler nation faction. However, the unmoved MCA stood her ground and refused to quit president Uhuru Kenyatta’s Jubilee party.

“You are doing all these to me just because I refused to join the Kenya Kwanza faction” she added.

Kenya Kwanza principal

Irungu Nyakera and William Ruto

“Today is a sad day for women of this country. I have been suffering in silence and out there I put on a brave face. I have been thrown out of my house with the child and to culminate it all, in broad daylight, my brother brought bodyguard to my premise and together they beat me up, I am not Okay, I might end my own life” said the MCA.

Irungu Nyakera’s Farmers Party is a constituent party in Ruto’s Kenya Kwanza Alliance

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