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Inside Story Of Women Who Gave Birth In Ruto’s Kisii Rally

Two women give birth during DP Ruto's rally in Kisii

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Social media has been abuzz with the amazing story of two women who allegedly gave birth while attending Ruto’s Kenya Kwanza rally in Kisii. The story was published by Standard digital news and indicated that the two women gave birth within thirty minutes of each other.

The Two middle-aged ladies gave birth while attending the Kenya Kwanza political rally in Kisii on Monday afternoon. The meeting had been convened by Mr. Ezekiel Machogu, the Kisii gubernatorial candidate for Kenya Kwanzam and in an unexpected twist, the two women gave birth to newborn boys within 30 minutes of one other.

It is now emerging that the women had just arrived in Machogu’s, UDA gubernatorial candidate for Kisii, in preparation for the much-hyped political rally before the unexpected happened and they eventually gave birth. Elderly women at the rally served as midwives, assisting the heavily pregnant women to deliver their bundles of joy, in a dramatic birth process.

Many have agreed that the successful birth of babies in a political rally is a sure sign of blessing for the Kenya Kwanza political outfit and are counting on it as a blessing from God and possibly, a sign that their political bids would end in success.


Ruto at Kisii

Mr. Ezekiel Mochogu, whose fame has been widespread alongside the story of the women’s birth, has offered to take care of the newborns and support them in whatever needs might arise in the course of their upbringing.

According to the source, the political meeting had been aimed at drumming support for Ezekiel Mochogu who was selling his gubernatorial bid and had rallied his political colleagues to also drum up support for Kenya Kwanza’s presidential Candidate William Ruto. Other politicians who attended the meeting include Joash Maangi who is an aspiring Senator, Teresa Oroo Bitutu who is aspiring for Woman Representative seat, Sylvanus Osoro for South Mugirango, and many other pro-Ruto leaders.

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