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Dennis Itumbi Reacts to Jackie Maribe’s New Govt Appointment

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Former Citizen TV news anchor Jacque Maribe has been appointed as the head of communication in the Ministry of Public Service. The announcement was made public by Cabinet Secretary Moses Kuria, sparking a wave of reactions on social media.

Dennis Itumbi, a well-known digital strategist and friend of Maribe, took to social media to express his support. “Congratulations, Jacque Maribe. May God bless you as you serve. Asante Public Service CS Moses Kuria for standing with a generation, please keep doing good and stretching your hand,” Itumbi wrote.

I'm ready to deepen ties with Maribe, says Itumbi

The appointment has been met with widespread approval from Kenyans online, who have been congratulating Maribe on her new role. This positive reception is a testament to Maribe’s reputation and the public’s confidence in her capabilities.

Maribe’s new position comes just a month after she was acquitted in a high-profile murder case involving the late businesswoman Monica Kimani. The case had gripped the nation, and Maribe’s acquittal was a significant moment in her life.

CS Moses Kuria’s decision to appoint Maribe is seen as a bold move, demonstrating his willingness to support those who have faced challenges and are looking to contribute positively to society. It also reflects the government’s commitment to empowering individuals and recognizing their potential to serve the public.Jacque Maribe reading news in the past.

As Maribe prepares to take on her new responsibilities, the support from Itumbi and the public highlights the collective hope for her success in contributing to the nation’s progress. Her story of resilience and redemption resonates with many, and her appointment is viewed as a step forward for public service in Kenya.

This development is not just about Maribe’s professional journey; it’s a reflection of a society willing to embrace second chances and the power of redemption. It’s a narrative of overcoming adversity and the importance of standing with one another through thick and thin.

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