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‘They Want to Use Raila” Speculations Rife As Another Azimio MP Rubbishes Ruto-Raila Handshake.

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In a recent political development, speculations are mounting as an Azimio MP has openly criticized the speculated handshake between President Ruto and Raila Odinga. MP Robert Mbui voiced his skepticism, stating, “There’s nothing better than for leaders to shake hands and agree to work together.” However, he expressed a strong stance that Azimio is not interested in joining forces with Kenya Kwanza.

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The remarks come amid rumors that the current regime is seeking to leverage Raila Odinga’s influence and reputation to enhance Kenya’s image in Africa, especially in light of his potential appointment as the AU Commission Chair. Mbui’s comments reflect a concern within Azimio that such a partnership could be more beneficial to the ruling party than to their own coalition.

This development has sparked a debate on the true intentions behind the proposed political reconciliation and the implications it may have for the country’s political landscape. While handshakes and political alliances are not uncommon in Kenyan politics, the possibility of using a prominent leader’s stature for political gain has raised eyebrows.

The discourse around this issue is intensifying, with various political figures and citizens weighing in on the potential handshake. The situation remains fluid, and the public eagerly awaits further clarification from both parties involved.

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As the story unfolds, the nation watches closely to see how this political drama will impact the future of Kenya’s governance and its position on the African continent. The conversation around the use of political figures in diplomacy and national branding continues to evolve, highlighting the complex interplay between politics and public perception in Kenya.

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