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Junet Uneasy As ODM Mps Blame ‘Sycophants’ For Raila’s Loss

Junet Mohamed played a leading role in Raila's presidential campaign

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Suna East MP and Raila Odinga’s close confidant Junet Mohamed is a man under siege as a flurry of accusations point to him being the man who played the giant role in the electoral defeat of Azimio presidential candidate Raila Odinga.

A section of elected leaders and political pundits have been pointing accusing fingers at Junet Mohamed, citing his unmatched sycophancy and arrogance while he dominated Raila’s access and proximity.

Most recently, Rarieda MP Otiende Amolo pushed the blame a notch higher when on Sunday September 11, he cited misleading and sycophancy for the presidential loss of Raila Odinga to Kenya Kwanza’s William Ruto.

Otiende claimed that, together with Siaya senator Dr. Oburu Oginga and governor James Orengo, there was something they had discussed Raila’s run and his closest handlers who were seemingly misleading him.

“Dr. Oburu, we must say some things. Some people were duping Jakom (Raila), you, Oburu and Orengo, know the things that we discussed even at Bomas (of Kenya),” Otiende recalled, “Those ticks (said characters) must now leave!” a visibly-angry Otiende said.

In a thinly veiled reference to Junet Mohamed, Otiende explained that the said characters duped Raila before and during the elections.


Junet Mohamed and Hassan Joho in a luxurious jet

Earlier, during the BBI discussions, Otiene Amollo was hounded from his parliamentary committee position for having a divergent position, a position that was eventually validated when the Supreme Court threw out the BBI process as unconstitutional.

Speaking at Mutumbu Primary School in Gem during the burial ceremony of Gem MP Elisha Ofhiambo’s sister Lucy Akinyi, Otiende claimed Raila’s win was stolen at the ballot, at the Supreme Court, and in parliament.

He went ahead to say there are people around Raila and the outgoing president Uhuru Kenyatta who were cheating Raila, creating clarity and dismissing an earlier allegation by Babu Owino that president Uhuru knowingly failed Raila Odinga.

“The president himself was supporting Raila but the people around him were not supporting him. I think they sabotaged us,” Otiende explained.

Adding his voice to the issue, Alego Usonga MP Samuel Atandi said that the sycophancy that has clouded the region’s politics and Raila’s ambition must now be dealt with.

“Those people (alleged sycophants) must leave.” he added.

Atandi said that the so-called sycophants were not teachable oblivious of Raila’s loss, adding that it was time for reflection.

However, Raila’s elder brother Oburu Odinga urged his colleagues to go slow on attacking others whom they disagree with, following Raila’s loss.

Outgoing Mombasa governor Hasan Joho, Junet Mohamed and ODM Chairman John Mbadi have severally been accused of building a strong wall of sycophancy around the ODM leader, locking out any divergent views.


Ali Hassan Joho, Raila Odinga, Junet Mohamed

Junet Mohamed accused of swindling Azmio agents’ funds

Junet Mohammed has been sitting uneasily with a flurry of accusations being leveled against him over his hand in Raila’s loss.

Prominent among the allegations has been that he swindled funds meant to pay Azimio agents, an emotional discussion that followed the Supreme Court petition by Azimio La Umoja.

It took the intervention of Azimio La Umoja presidential spokesperson Makau Mutua to clarify that Junet was not directly involved in the handling of agents’ funds.

The blame-throwing continues as online influencer Aoko Otieno continues with her tirade of accusations against Junet Mohammed and other ODM leaders for enslaving the community and most recently, costing Raila Odinga the presidency.

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