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Nakuru Campaign That Gave Martha Karua Real Picture Of Azimio’s Support On The Ground

Martha Karua caught on camera without audience in Nakuru rally

by Mambo Mseto Editor
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Politics is currently at an all-time high as politicians keep traveling to various locations across the country in an attempt to save their political ambitions ahead of the forthcoming elections. Some aspirants like Martha Karua are finding the going tough in some areas, leaving them despairing.

This has happened and it is still happening to Raila Odinga who has become hard to market in the Mt. Kenya region.

Martha Karua

Karua’s rally

This follows Martha Karua’s experience on her second day in Nakuru County where she proceeded to carry out campaigns drumming support for Raila Odinga.  Under normal political circumstances, when a politician visits any town, most of the time the crowds are usually packed to the brim. When Martha Karua visited Nakuru town this was not the case. The footage captured showing her entry in Nakuru clearly shows that the street was relatively very empty. This happened with only a few individuals following her convoy which can be seen negotiating the roundabout in the center of the town.

Martha Karua

Martha Karua’s rally

There are a lot of cars at the roundabout, and they appear to be going about their business in the city. This offers Martha Karua a clear image of what is going on in the Mt. Kenya region, where the people are still unwilling to change and support Raila.

The Mt. Kenya region has always sent Raila back to the drawing board humbling him like a child in politics. He had been facing serious rejection as the people even end up booing him and his colleagues whenever he pulls a rally in the region.

Meanwhile, DP Ruto has continued enjoying political dominance in the region as the crowds never resist him whenever he gets there for campaigns. Martha Karua will be addressing the people in the county today as she tries to accumulate what is already wasted in the region.

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