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MP Reveals What Ruto Is Planning To Do With The Housing Tax

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The Housing Fund is most likely just another strategy being used by the government to raise funds for its own projects, Luanda Member of Parliament Dick Maungu has cautioned.

This comes at a time when President William Ruto wants workers to save three percent of their pay towards construction of houses, even as he holds that this is not a tax as the opposition is claiming.

But the MP fears that Ruto is only trying to cleverly use Kenyans to raise money, which he can later use to fund his projects, especially now that those close to him claim the government is broke.

He has told Kenyans that their money might end up being used in Kenya Kwanza projects, which he says would not be new in Kenya, as similar things have been done by previous regimes.

“The Kenya Kwanza government wants to create a fund where they can borrow to finance their projects. They are using housing as a decoy in order to access funds. History has it in this country that NSSF has been abused by previous governments to finance programs which are mundane,” he said on Citizen TV on Tuesday morning.

Also a panelist was nominated Senator Veronica Maina, who reiterated Ruto’s stand that the same is a saving scheme and not tax.

She also clarified that there will be no way out for those being targeted for participation. Maina pointed out that even after seven years, Kenyans will have to continue contributing.

“The housing levy is not a tax but a saving scheme. You may not stop contributing,” she said.

This contradicts what Belgut MP Nelson Koech said yesterday, that after seven years one can opt out and have their money given back.

The entire program has been questioned by opposition leader Raila Odinga, who has bashed President William Ruto for trying to force even those not interested in being part of the fund.

He has pointed out that there are those who already have houses or have different priorities and should not be pushed into the housing fund.

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