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ODM Senator Reveals Who Should Be Blamed For High Taxation On Kenyans

by KDB
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Narok Senator Ledama Ole Kina has cleared President William Ruto of blame with regards to what has been happening in terms of taxes.

This comes as Ruto’s government continues to introduce fresh taxes, overburdening the ordinary Kenyan already struggling with high living costs.

There are now plans by the Kenya Kwanza administration to introduce a 16 percent value added tax on petroleum products, which is expected to worsen the situation and make life harder.

But Ledama says that Ruto is not to blame, terming members of parliament and the real villains and the ones who deserve the bashing.He claims that the parliamentarians have allowed themselves to be consumed by Ruto, and are now yes men who do as asked without asking questions.

“Don’t blame William Ruto for high taxes blame your members of parliament! When the fuel tax goes to 16 per cent blame your MPs. When civil servants are taxed 3 per cent for housing blame your MPs. They are the ones who are gullible. Instead of saying no, they say yes to everything that Ruto wants!” he says.

He has claimed that Kenyans have elected weak people who cannot stand on the side of the truth and who are choosing to do everything Ruto wants.

The development comes at a time when Ruto is already under pressure to lower the cost of living, which remains high eight months after his takeover, despite his campaign promise to address it.

The matter has been taken up by the opposition, which has given it as among the reasons behind it’s now suspended demonstrations.

Its supporters have been protesting while carrying cooking pots and sticks, as an indication of their disagreement with what is happening in the country.

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