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Who Is To Be Blamed For All The Atrocities And Tough Economic Times In Kenya?

by Guest Editor
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The Kenya Kwanza government has been seen pointing fingers and blaming the former government for all the tough economic times experienced in Kenya today.This includes the skyrocketing prices of commodities,fuel and other basic necessities.

The current regime is revengeful, recently the former tourism cabinet secretary of state Najib Balala was arrested over graft changes that happened when he was in office. They also placed corruption allegations on the former governor of kakamega Wycliffe Oparanya . Why is this happening among the people connected to the opposition or the William Ruto’s predecessor Uhuru Kenyatta?

The Kenya kwanza government further gave lame excuses towards the issue of increase in tax in the country. How can a government govern it’s people by trying to dry their pockets and try referring it to as fixing the nation?

It’s clear that most of the leaders in the regime are self centered and being involved in corruption deals for their own selfish interests.

They can’t keep on blaming the former regime because of their inability to perform as they were expected. Recently the deputy president Rigathi Gachagua said that they need at least 10 years to transform Kenya, can they talk about the achievements they have made so far? Why can’t they stop focusing on the time they have and instead deliver what they promised?

This constant blaming game will definitely ruin our economy and our country at large.Talking about the housing levy, the current regime should be comfortable with someone challenging their decisions because we live in a democratic Kenya. Instead of giving out stern warnings and threatening those who challenge their decisions they should sit with them and discuss with them on the ways of improving it to favor all kenyans.

The president was further urged to consult Kenyans before implementing something that affects them. Making decisions and putting them into practice without Kenyans consent is a clear indication of the violation of democracy.


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