Home Politics Mohammed Ali Dares Hassan Joho To Put Bombs In His Office After Exposing Him

Mohammed Ali Dares Hassan Joho To Put Bombs In His Office After Exposing Him

Mohammed Ali Dares Joho for scaring him that he will do everything to block him in August elections

by Mambo Mseto Editor
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Kenyans were briefed by Kenya Kwanza leaders from the coast on what to anticipate and the party’s future plans for the region. Mohammed Ali accused Hassan Joho of abusing his position and accusing him of assaulting him rather than working for the benefit of others. Mohammed Ali declared that regardless of the plan Joho uses, he will succeed in upholding human rights. If Joho is upset by what he said, he dared him to blow up his workplace if he feels like doing so.

Miti imeanza kuteleza na nyani mbili zitaanguka chini. Na nataka kuwaambia, hata Kama mtaleta attack kwa ofisi yangu, wekeni hata mabomu mkitaka lakini this revolution will not stop” said Mohammed Ali.

He promised his supporters that he would work nonstop all day and night to see that the bills for the doctors and other government-affected citizens are paid. He blamed Hassan Joho for causing this mess to Kenyans making life more tough to them.

Politicians’ constant threats to one another have given coastal region politics a wild energy. This is precisely what is occurring in Mombasa when Mohammed Ali reacts to Hassan Joho’s threat to harm him as a result of what he said. Hassan Joho had earlier on reportedly stated that he would do everything it took to prevent him from becoming an MP according to Mohammed Ali.

Mohammed Ali went ahead telling this to Hassan Joho;

 You brought war at my door stop, I will bring justice to your doorstep. Ulisema utauza hata underwear kuhakikisha sikui mbunge. Nakwambia uza hata figo, ” said Mohammed Ali.

He vowed to make his formidable opponent watch as the odds stacked against him. Ali requested the intervention of the regional commissioner, stating that this should be the last time he brings up the subject. Ali has been an ardent supporter of DP Ruto and is running for a seat in the Mombasa county legislature.

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