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Win for Raila As Wajackoyah Endorses His Presidential Bid

by Sir Wabwire Jr
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The Roots party presidential candidate George Luchiri Wajackoyah endorsed his rival, Azimio – One Kenya flag bearer Raila Odinga’s candidature.

Speaking during a nightclub, presidential hopeful who promised to decriminalize Marijuana showered the former prime minister Raila Odinga with brevity accolades for sacrificing his life in jail to deliberate the country to freedom of expression and fight for human rights.

“Because of that, man (Raila). The man whose tears come out every day because of what happened to him in jail, including myself. I am here to join liberators. And the person I look at, the person who makes me stand here is none other Raila Odinga,” Wajackoya said.

However, Wajackoyah didn’t clarify whether he had pulled out of the contest or not although he assured his support to Azimio – One Kenya presidential hopeful Raila Odinga.

This comes barely a month after he toured Kondele, Kisumu to drum support for Raila Odinga’s presidency. While traversing the region on vote hunting mission, Wajackoyah was forced to rally electorates to either vote for Raila’s or him since the duo seems to be reading politics on the same page.

“You have the right to either vote for Raila or me. If you vote for Raila, it is like you have voted for me and if you vote for me, it is like you have voted for Raila” said Wajackoyah in Kondele.


George Luchiri Wajackoyah

Wajackoyah manifesto.

In his manifesto, Wajackoyah promised to decriminalize Marijuana for export and medicinal purposes. He also hinted at rearing snakes, where the venom can be extracted for medicinal use and snake meat exported to countries like China.

Wajackoyah revealed that his government will start havesting hyenas testicles for medicinal and export purposes. He assured to repay the Kenyan external debts in the first three years od his administration when elected president on Tuesday.

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