Home Politics “No UDA Rally At Tononoka Ground” Uhuru Allegedly Plans To Lock Ruto From Holding Final Rally In Coastal Region

“No UDA Rally At Tononoka Ground” Uhuru Allegedly Plans To Lock Ruto From Holding Final Rally In Coastal Region

by Sir Wabwire Jr
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President Uhuru Kenyatta allegedly plans to block Kenya Kwanza brigade from holding its last campaign rally at Tononoka ground, tomorrow, Thursday over security threats in the area.

According to Ruto’s top blogger, Dennis Itumbi, the head of state is slated to hold a mega Azimio – One Kenya rally next to Tononoka ground tomorrow alongside a score of CSs and PSs to throw support behind Raila Odinga’s candidature ahead of Tuesday’s general election.

Revered blogger argued that Uhuru’s move to hold rally next to Tononoka ground, forges plot to block Kenya Kwanza grand rally that is believed to sabotage security in the region.

“Azimio, led by their Chairman, President Uhuru Kenyatta are planning to do a major Rally next to Tononoka grounds on Thursday August 4, 2022. The President will appear with several CSs and PSs. The Grand plan is to ensure that DP William Ruto is locked out of the Tononoka grounds over Security reasons touching on The presence of the President who will be in the same area” said Itumbi. 

He revealed that the hustler nation faction has maintained to hold the rally despite the constant threats from government to stop it, citing that the move to block Kenya Kwanza last rally at Tononoka ground that they had secured legally infringes freedom of expression and assembly. He stated that the former Nairobi governor Mike Sonko’s decision to jump the ship from Azimio – One Kenya to Ruto’s Kenya Kwanza seems to have thrown the two handshake brothers into panic and confusion state, with less than 5 days remaining to Tuesday contest.


President Uhuru Kenyatta and Deputy President William Ruto

“The Hustler Nation, maintains they will go on with Tononoka rally. They term the recent events of locking them out of Grounds, which have been secured legally, as an affront on the Freedom of Expression and Assembly. Sonko’s defection has sent Deep State into panic and confusion and that informs the Tononoka disruption” added Itumbi.

Sagana five meeting

The head of state is also expected to call for Sagana five meeting at Sagana State Lodge on Saturday despite receiving several warnings from Jubilee’s inner circles over the hostility of the ground.

“The President then plans a Sagana FIVE at the Sagana State Lodge on Saturday. ( Sagana Meetings have been the stage of big Political threats and pledges, followed by little action). His inner circle and briefs have warned that the ground is hostile, but the President maintains he must bid ‘my People’ goodbye before elections” Itumbi claimed.

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