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“I Have Junet, Mbadi’s Nudes,” Aoko Threatens To Post ODM MPs’ Private Parts Online

Aoko Otieno made the remarks on her twitter social media handles

by Sir Wabwire Jr
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The revered Kenyan-based feminist and celebrated articles writer Maverick Aoko Otieno, who ascended to the limelight following her outstanding solid decision to defend male gender from what she termed as “preventing men exploitation”, has sensationally threatened to parade Azimio – One Kenya coalition secretary-general Junet Mohamed, ODM party chairman John Mbadi and CEC David Osiany’s nudes on social media over the ongoing online brawl with ODM communication strategist Dikembe Disembe.

Aoko claimed to have had secret love affairs with the aforementioned three ODM affiliates that resulted in engaging in sex that prompted her to secretly capture the nudes without their consent.

“Tell Dikembe Disembe to tag me, I have seen his boss naked. Mbadi, Osiany, Junet. Tell them wanitusi, my name is Aoko” she tweeted.

She alleged that Dikembe Disembe had earlier launched scathing insults that forced her to rebuttal with a similar sword of insults. Aoko claimed that Dikembe Disembe called her ugly and old after accusing Azimio – One Kenya for allegedly failing to instigate campaign strategies that would woo votes for Raila Odinga.

“You said I am old and ugly. Why are you surprised that I have dic3 photos of your top politicians? Do you think I was a fool when I chose to be silent when you were insulting me? No, wait I will scatter and obliterate when I finally open up” she added.

She noted that she has been abused and humiliated by ODM affiliates and she opted to defend her reputation and public profile by threatening to dispose of Mbadi, Junet and Osiany’s nudes for public consumption.


PHOTO: Maverick Aoko Otieno (twitter)

“I have been abused, I have been humiliated. When I retaliate, suddenly its abracadabra?” Aoko claimed.

In her thread of tweets, Aoko also claimed that David Osiany has a child out of marriage wedlock. Without mentioning the name of the mother of Osiany’s first child, Aoko revealed to Madam Osiany that her husband has the first child out of wedlock.

“Madam Osiany, that is not your husband’s fist child” she noted.


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