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Moses Kuria Cautions Raila After Murathe’s Actions On TV Interview

Moses Kuria says Murathe never mentioned Raila's name on Inooro interview

by Mambo Mseto Editor
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Gatundu South MP and candidate for governor of Kiambu Moses Kuria has criticized Jubilee Party vice-chairman David Murathe for purportedly having concerns about obstructing the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) party leader Raila Odinga’s bid for office in the Mount region of Kenya. Kuria asserted that during Murathe’s hour-long exclusive on Inooro TV, the term “Our Candidate” was used 13 times to refer to Raila Odinga.

Before the August polls, Moses Kuria instructed Raila to be keen on the people pretending to be his supporters, yet they are hypocrites in the Azimio-One Kenya.

According to Kuria, Murathe avoided mentioning Raila’s name over the alleged fear of losing control of the region, which has remained resistant to Raila Odinga.

I just heard David Murathe in an hour-long Inooro interview, and he referred to ‘our candidate’ 13 times. He never called him by his name,” Kuria posted on Facebook.


To my friend Raila Odinga, hawa watu wanakuuza kama bangi bana. Chunga hi mikora mzee. My hand,” Moses Kuria added.


Kuria joins Kenya Kwanza

Kuria joined the squad of Mt. Kenya leaders who have been DP Ruto’s friends for quite a long time. He is a significant critique of the Azimio la Umoja, who has always been poking holes in everything that happens among Raila’s men.

Kuria endorsed William Ruto, a candidate for president of Kenya’s Kwanza Alliance, and promised to mobilize supporters in the Mount Kenya region to support the country’s bottom-up economic strategy, which attempts to uplift the oppressed and impoverished through empowerment initiatives.

According to Ruto, billions of dollars are invested in micro, small, and medium-sized firms. He said this should result in thousands of jobs for unemployed young people. A lot is expected the more we near August elections as politicians continue exposing each other with Raila’s camp still being shaky.

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