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Wajackoyah: Raila and Ruto Have Planted Spies in My Office

Wajackoyah claims that his main opponents, Raila and Ruto are spying on him

by Sir Wabwire Jr
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The Roots party presidential candidate George Luchiri Wajackoyah has claimed that Azimio – One Kenya candidate Raila Odinga and Kenya Kwanza Alliance flag bearer William Ruto have planted spies in his office to monitor his political movements.

“Both Kenya Kwanza Nas Azimio have planted spies in my office. I have two that I know of. You can’t send a mediocre to soy on a person who was once a spy. I just play with them the same way a rat plays with the cat” said Wajackoyah.

The accomplished lawyer also alleged that turned down the offer of ksh200M to bolt from the presidential from a cabal of state agents who approached him with the cash.

Speaking on Monday, during an exclusive interview at K24, Wajackoyah insisted that his quest to fight for the homeless street children will be implemented when he secures presidency in August.

“The people who offered me Ksh200 million wanted me to spoil votes for a certain Presidential candidate by campaigning in his territory. There are boys I am fighting for in the streets. If I take that money, don’t you think they’ll kill me” he added.

He dismissed the projecting opinion polls placing the former prime minister Raila Odinga on top, urging his supporters not to be swayed by the “cooked” polls to hoodwink gullible electorates into voting for Raila.


The Roots Party presidential candidate George Luchiri Wajackoyah

“I also join Deputy President William Ruto in dismissing those projecting polls that have no foundation. They are being propagated to dub my supporters into voting for Azimio candidate” he stated.

Wajackoyah had earlier threatened to boycott the presidential debate that is slated on 29th July, 2022 if the organizers of the debate will side him with The Agano Party’s David Waihiga Mwaure and Raila Odinga with Ruto on the other side.

“I will only attend the presidential debate if we will all together share a podium at the same time, not siding me with David Waihiga Mwaure and Ruto and Raila on the other side” he argued.

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