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Opinion: Why Raila Stares At A Loss in The August Contest

Reasons why Raila will never become president despite being endorsed by president Uhuru Kenyatta

by Sir Wabwire Jr
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The Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) party leader Raila Odinga breaks the record of the candidate who has vied for many times attempting to clinch to the country’s top seat.

The Azimio – One Kenya presidential candidate received a huge boost after the head of state endorsed him as his preferred successor in August 9, contest.

Speaking during Azimio – One Kenya rally at Jacaranda ground, Embakasi East, Uhuru formally endorsed Raila and rallied voters to embrace Azimio candidature in next election.

“Wengi hawakuwa wanaamini kuamba Mimi na Raila tunaweza kuwa upande mmoja. Kwa hivo Leo, nataka niseme Rais wa Tano ya Jamhuri ya Kenya si mwengine ni Raila Amollo Odinga” said Uhuru at Jacaranda ground.

However, this doesn’t automatically depict that the opposition chief will secure the seat in August contest.

Here are the four uknown reasons why Raila will never be the president;

Many Luos who have been in the political space for decades will agree with me that there is a common tale about Jaramogi Oginga Odinga casting a spell on his son, Raila Odinga. According to this tale, Oginga was incensed with the behavior of his youngest son during a political Rally for Ford and consequently cursed him never to step foot in the presidency. Going by the tale, Raila Odinga, we may be certain that this has hugely contributed to Raila’s shortfalls in securing presidency.

Raila Odinga has also been in the political scene for long and vied for presidency for five times. This spells that Mr. Odinga enjoys pulling political campaign excitements but not keen on securing presidency. When the decisive time reaches to take power, Raila has always sought coalition government. This happened during Kibaki’s reign in 2007 and Uhuru’s regime in 2017.


Raila Odinga

Raila Odinga has for also felt done with a score of cabals that are associated with state capture for decades. He has been record for threatening to dethrone the government which he feels, denied him victory in 2007 and 2017. Since the same state that has always been against him, is supporting him in the forthcoming election, vengeful Raila might incline to sacrifice his ambition and pull out in favour of DP Ruto or any other candidate in the race.

Raila Odinga schooled at Magdeburg University in Soviet Germany. He has maintained his past ties with USSR and this hasn’t seat well with US government for years. US government, which plays the biggest role in Kenyan elections through propaganda, may not have good relationship with the former prime minister. United States government vastly influence power exchange due to economic wedge the hold over Kenya.



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