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UDA Most Popular Party, ODM Comes Second

by Mbugua
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Rigathi Gachagua with Ruto

The United Democratic Alliance (UDA) finds itself facing a nationwide decline in support, despite holding the title of the most popular political party in the country. Recent polls indicate that UDA’s popularity has dipped, leaving political analysts puzzled as to the factors contributing to this unexpected trend.


While UDA maintains a stronghold in key regions, including the Central Rift, South Rift, and Mt Kenya, the overall decline in national support has raised questions about the party’s strategies and appeal beyond its traditional strongholds. President William Ruto, who leads the party, continues to command attention, but the party’s broader influence seems to be waning.

According to the latest data, UDA holds a substantial lead with 32 percent support, making it the frontrunner. However, the rejection of UDA support by a significant portion of the electorate, despite its popularity, has shifted the political landscape. The Jubilee party follows closely behind with a modest four percent, while other smaller parties such as Chama Cha Mashinani, KANU, Ford Kenya, and Wiper trail with just one percent each.

Political observers are now closely examining the factors contributing to this decline, considering the implications for the upcoming elections. UDA’s challenge lies not only in maintaining its current strongholds but also in winning over voters in regions where its appeal seems to be diminishing.

As the political landscape continues to evolve, UDA faces the crucial task of addressing the concerns that have led to the decline in national support. President Ruto and his party will need to strategize and adapt to the changing dynamics to ensure that they remain a formidable force in the upcoming political contests. Only time will tell whether UDA can reverse this trend and regain the widespread support that once made it the nation’s most popular party.

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