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Huu Mwaka Sitaki Stress-Thee Pluto Clears The Air About Breaking Up With Felicity Shiru

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In a world where celebrity break-ups are as common as sunrise, it’s refreshing to see a love story that continues to thrive amidst the chaos. Kenyan vlogger Thee Pluto, known for his charismatic presence and engaging content, recently made headlines when he took to the digital stage to debunk rumors about his relationship with fiancée Felicity Shiru.

The rumor mill had been churning with whispers of a potential split between the couple. However, in a video that has since gone viral, shared by the Kenya Online Media channel (formerly known as Eve Mungai), Thee Pluto dismissed these rumors with his signature flair and humor, stating, “Huu mwaka sitaki stress!” (This year, I don’t want stress!).Thee Pluto's brilliant definition of what wealth truly is

In the video, Thee Pluto, whose real name remains a mystery to his legion of fans, addressed the rumors head-on. He reassured his followers that he and Felicity are still very much together, and their love story is far from over. He urged Kenyans to desist from consuming fake news, emphasizing the importance of verifying information before sharing it.

Thee Pluto’s candidness in addressing the rumors has been met with applause from fans and fellow celebrities alike. His message serves as a reminder of the power of social media and the responsibility that comes with it. In an era where news spreads faster than wildfire, it’s crucial to remember the impact our words can have.Favorite loyalty test episode?' Thee Pluto reveals

Felicity Shiru, who has been a constant presence in Thee Pluto’s vlogs, has yet to comment on the rumors. However, her recent social media posts, filled with love and admiration for Thee Pluto, speak volumes about their relationship.

As we continue to navigate the digital age, Thee Pluto’s message is a timely reminder to consume media responsibly. It’s a call to action for all of us to be more discerning about the information we consume and share.Thee Pluto's girlfriend responds to Kenya's asking for her logbook

In the meantime, fans of Thee Pluto and Felicity can breathe a sigh of relief. Their favorite couple is still going strong, proving once again that love truly does conquer all. As for Thee Pluto, he’s made it clear – this year, he doesn’t want any stress!

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