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Mt Kenya Politician Accuses Ruto Of Short-changing Them In Govt Appointments

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President William Ruto is now under pressure to again give the Mt Kenya region special consideration as he now settles on picking people to represent the country abroad as ambassadors.

It has emerged that Ruto might end up kicking out almost all the existing ambassadors, with most being over the required maximum age, having completed their terms or having been picked by former President Uhuru Kenyatta towards the end of his tenure, which Ruto’s regime considers unconstitutional.


Leaders from Mt Kenya now want a good portion of the seats to be handed to the region, on ground that it has not received opportunities commensurate to its votes in the most recent appointments made by Ruto.


One of the leaders has told the Daily Nation that they are not happy with how Ruto has been sharing the cake lately, adding that they have began feeling sidelined and want to be compensated.

He has added that even those who will be picked must be chosen basing on how much effort they contributed towards Ruto’s election as President in last year’s general election.


“Compilation of ambassadors is going on and it will be concluded anytime, but there is a big problem. A lot of friction is going on because our region feels sidelined in the latest appointments. We want leaders to be lined up based on how heavy their contributions were to the boss (Dr Ruto’s) campaign kitty,” the leader has told the Daily Nation.


The complains come even as Ruto is seen to be giving the region special attention, which has irked the opposition leadership.


The opposition has accused Ruto of sidelining the other parts of the country to channel almost everything to Mt Kenya and his Rift Valley backyard.

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