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Samidoh responds to claims he is ‘kept’ by Karen Nyamu

by Mbugua
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Mugithi singer Samidoh has responded to critics saying he is kept by his baby mama Karen Nyamu.

The two have been together for years, having met in 2019. One fan took to social media to try and embarrass the artist by pointing out,

“Na wengine hapa tu wanasema umeekwa,” the fan wrote.

Samidoh responded saying he is no longer kept, urging the fan to go and occupy the ‘vacancy’

 “Nilitoka sasa endeni muwekwe pia.”

The assumption that Samidoh is kept is because he is dating a Nominated Senator. A section of Kenyans assume Karen makes more money than the singer, which might not be true.

Days ago, Karen had shared her opinion on polygamy, stating that she fully supports it. According to her, Samidoh is too much for one woman to handle.

“I support polygamy cause kuna wanaume wengine kama Samidoh who are too much for one woman, manzee mbona unataka kua na chali wa nguvu tu pekee yako? Hapana chali wengine ni wa kushariwa, Kubali tu,” she said.

Further adding

Sheria ya Kenya ya polygamy ambayo imepitishwa kwa bunge yetu inaruhusu polygamy, sijavunja sheria yoyote kukua katika situation mimi niko,” she stated.

Nyamu and Samidoh recently unfollowed each other leading to speculation they might not be in good terms.

Kenyans are however not convinced.

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