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Revealed: What Luo Nyanza Politicians Joining Ruto’s Govt Are Aiming At

by KDB
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President William Ruto has now been warned against translating the support he is getting from some Luo Nyanza leaders to mean he is gaining in the region.

Some area leaders have been seen crossing over lately, among them politicians who have fallen out with ODM leader Raila Odinga, the Nyanza kingpin, and election losers bitter after their defeats.
But Ruto has been cautioned that these people are not with him out of love and are at the same time not bringing with them any support from the lakeside region, as the people are still with Raila.

Political analyst Danstan Omari is of the opinion that these leaders are after their personal goals, including withdrawal of court cases, and are cleverly trying to use the President to achieve their intentions.

“The people from Luo Nyanza who are walking to Ruto are not going with any votes. They are walking to Ruto so that some of their court cases can be dropped, among other favours,” Omari, also a lawyer, told the Sunday Nation.

He has predicted that they will ultimately troop back home when the next election season approaches, aware that they cannot achieve anything in that part of the country while in bad books with Raila.

“They are strategically moving there and will troop back in 2027 because people are not with them. This is the time for people to migrate and will go back to their communities when the time comes,” he says.

The defectors include former Kisumu Governor Jack Ranguma, former senator Fred Outa and former Rarieda Member of Parliament Nicholas Gumbo.

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