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Raila’s Ally Speaks Of Slapping Ruto Whenever He Sees Him Talk

The political guru admitted that he always feels like slapping Ruto whenever he sees him

by Mambo Mseto Editor
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Raila’s top political ally has confessed to harboring a strong urge of slapping Deputy President William Ruto whenever he sees him talk.

Taking to his Twitter account, Makau Mutua boldly put it clear that he always gets an urge of slapping Deputy President William Ruto any time he sees him speaking, sparking an online debate on the possible deep animosity between them owing to their political persuasions.

The prominent Professor took to his social media platform where he opened up about this unusual urge that has always been running through his mind where he feels like slapping the second in command.

I get a very strong urge to SLAP Williams Ruto every time I see him speaking,” said Professor Makau Mutua via Twitter.

As this happens, Professor Makau Mutua is not the first person to speak of such things in public.


William Ruto and Kungu Muigai

This comes after Ruto himself opened up on his previous contemplation of slapping President Uhuru Kenyatta despite his political status and power. DP Ruto publicly said that he once had an urge of slapping President Uhuru Kenyatta. He opened up and revealed this when he met elders from Mt Kenya during one of his recent consultative meetings with them.

Ruto had earlier on noted that after the Supreme Court had declared Jubilee win null and void in 2017, he went to meet President Uhuru at the State House and this is where the drama almost happened. This gives a clear image of the political gap in Kenya the more we near elections. While DP Ruto strikes from this side, Azimio is also attacking from the other side.

Ruto said that he was left agitated when President Uhuru did not show any interest in fighting for the win they had fought four that the court had overturned, which gave him an urge of slapping the President.

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