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MP Kaluma Claims Ruto Lacks Capacity To Lower Cost of Living

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Kenyans should not expect President William Ruto and his administration to address the current cost of living issue, Homa Bay Town Member of Parliament Peter Kaluma has said.

Ruto has been under pressure to tackle the matter since he came into office, with Kenyans complaining that prices of basic commodities are becoming too high for most of them to afford.


But Kaluma, a member of the opposition, has doubted if this will ever happen, alleging that Ruto is receiving orders from elsewhere and cannot, therefore, do anything with his own mind.


He has branded the government a puppet of that West, telling Kenyans to forget about any form of change and prepare to continue suffering.

“You really expect this West-run UDA administration to reduce cost of living for Kenyans!” the lawmaker has said in a tweet, only says after the government once again hiked fuel prices.


But those close to Ruto hold that what’s happening in the country at the moment is necessary, among them Prime Cabinet Secretary Musalia Mudavadi who has defended the government.


In a statement on Sunday, Mudavadi also defended the new taxation policies, pointing out that no money is being lost of misused, as the funds are being reinvested in Kenyans through health and education.


Mudavadi said that Kenyans need to endure the current hardships for the sake of tomorrow’s comfort.

“Honestly, it is short-time pain for long-time gain. The previous regime gave Kenyans a false sense, resulting in long-term pain,” the former Vice President.


He made the remarks while also claiming that Ruto and the Kenya Kwanza government have kept most of their campaign vows.


“Electoral promises are made based on information available at the time. We have kept the majority of campaign pledges,” added Mudavadi.


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