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Raila Warns Ruto About Imminent Wrath Of Kenyans

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Azimio La Umoja leader Raila Odinga has once again warned President William Ruto against coming up with new taxes, saying that they are unpopular.

Ruto’s administration continues to be marked with stains of over taxation, with the opposition repeatedly cautioning him that Kenyans are suffering.

Raila on Saturday sounded the alarm once again, cautioning the Head of State that Kenyans cannot entertain what he is doing any more.

He likened the situation to a huge load on the back of a donkey, warning Ruto that the donkey is tired and he should consider lessening the load.

“The people will not tell you the truth but the citizens are tired. The citizens and tired because of the high cost of living and its me who is telling you ( Ruto) on behalf of the people,” he told Ruto in Njabini, Nyandarua County on Saturday.

Raila, who doubles up as the opposition leader and Ruto’s main political enemy at the moment, made the remarks during the funeral of Field Marshal Mukami Kimathi, wife to freedom fighter Dedan Kimathi.

His remarks came days after he took issue with Ruto for planning to introduce taxes on beauty products like wigs and fake nails, accusing him of turning beauty into a luxury to get taxes out of it.

The politician warned that this will negatively affect the many Kenyans, most being the youth and women, who have turned to the beauty industry after failing to get jobs in other sectors, complicating their lives.

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