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Ruto Announces Plan To Build StateHouse In Meru County

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President William Ruto has reported finding a vacant piece of land in Meru County, one he now plans to put into what he has said is good use.

The Head of State has revealed that he plans to put up a State Lodge on the land, one he has said will bring him closer to the Meru people.

Ruto added that after that he will be spending some time living around Meru, which will help him address area issues easier as compared to him dealing with them from other areas.

In a mockery tone, he has predicted that this will make some people bitter, in reference to his opponents who don’t want to see him moving around.

“I have found government land here in Meru and I want to build a State House. What will those complaining that I have come to Meru many times do because I will stay here?” he is quoted by The Star.

“I want to build that State Lodge so that we handle Meru issues from here. There’s no need for you to come to Nairobi. I will come and stay here so that we quickly deal some your small matters.”

He made the remarks in Laare on Sunday, Meru being among the counties that heavily supported him and his bid during the 2022 presidential election.

Ruto said that he has special love for the people of Meru, referring to them as heroes of the nation who helped the country get back its freedom.

“It’s because I have so much love for the people of Meru.. It is you who helped to get back our freedom,” said the Head of State.

It is, however, not clear when the construction of the said State Lodge will start.

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