Home News Was She a Sanpaku Girl? Fresh Details Emerge About 1 of KU Students Who Died in Road Accident

Was She a Sanpaku Girl? Fresh Details Emerge About 1 of KU Students Who Died in Road Accident

Sanpaku speculation surrounds KU student killed in crash as father revealed her sister died in similar manner last year

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KU Student accident victim osla mwendwa

A new detail has emerged in the tragic road accident that claimed the lives of six young people, including Kenyatta University (KU) students, on Friday. Online speculation has swirled around Osla Mwendwa, one of the deceased KU students, with some Kenyans questioning whether she possessed facial features associated with a physiognomic concept called “sanpaku.”

Sanpaku is a belief originating in Japan that suggests a person with excessive whites of the eye visible below the iris may be prone to misfortune or negative personality traits. The speculation stems from a recently circulated photo of Mwendwa that appears to show these characteristics.

This theory has gained traction online, despite lacking any scientific basis. Mwendwa’s family is understandably grieving the loss of their daughter and the additional online chatter is likely causing further distress.

KU accident scene. Photo: The Star

KU accident scene. Photo: The Star

The focus should remain on the tragic loss of these young lives. Mwendwa’s father recently revealed she also lost a sister in a separate car accident just a year ago.

Kenyans are urged to be respectful of the families during this difficult time and avoid perpetuating unsubstantiated claims. Our deepest condolences go out to all those affected by this heartbreaking accident.

Father to Oslo Mwendwa got emotional as he disclosed to the gathering that he lost another daughter in 2023 through a road accident along Kiambu Road. The heartbroken father said Oslo was his only beacon of hope when his other daughter died.

A collage photo of KU accident and victim

A collage photo of KU accident and victim

“One year ago, one month, probably a few hours, I stood before a congregation like this one at Peace, I mean at Ridgeways Baptist Church, Kiambu Road, to mourn the passing of my daughter, Michelle, through a tragic road accident on Kiambu Road. On that day, Oslo stood beside me as the only beacon of hope. Today, the brother stands beside me as a family paid tribute to Oslo,” the grieving father said.

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