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President Ruto Blasts Prophet Owuor For Claiming He Cured HIV Patient

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After endearing himself to the church and appearing to be on its side, President William Ruto has made a U-turn.

This is after he blasted pastors, bishops, and prophets to stop conning unsuspecting Kenyans with fake miracles.

Ruto, through the National Syndemic Diseases Control Council (NSDCC), warned religious leaders against spreading propaganda that they can cure HIV through divine intervention.

President Ruto

In a statement, NSDCC cautioned the public over claims by pastors that an HIV patient had been healed through prayers.

The council maintained that the cure for the disease is yet to be found and that misguiding their followers would cause havoc in the country.

“While we admit that prayers are useful for the spiritual, psychological and social wellbeing of most believers, unverified claims of faith healing for HIV have previously resulted in unnecessary loss of lives.”

“To date, we have no proven cure that can be administered at a public health facility,” the statement read in part.

The council pointed out that the claims may affect the uptake of Anti-Retroviral treatment by patients and will sabotage the progress made by the state in controlling the disease.

“The disruption of HIV treatment has dire consequences including damage to body organs that could remain irreversible,” NSDCC wrote.

The agency called on religious leaders to lead their flock by addressing social-cultural predicaments that infected persons face to boost the fight against the epidemic.

“We urge members of the faith communities to work closely with believers and other partners to eradicate related stigma and discrimination that continue to negate gains made in the HIV response,” the organisation stated.

The clarification came days after a story of a young male patient who had initially tested positive was reported to have tested negative after prayers.

Repentance and Holiness Ministry founder Prophet David Owuor and Evangelist Ezekiel Odero are among the religious leaders pulling such stunts.

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