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ANC, Ford Kenya MPs Accuse Ruto Of Short-changing Them

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Details now point at an already eroding relationship between three of the parties forming President William Ruto ruling Kenya Kwanza coalition.

The coalition is credited with propelling President William Ruto to State House. Ruto belongs to the UDA outfit, the mother party.

It’s now emerging that trouble has erupted between UDA and the ANC and Ford Kenya parties, which feel short changed and are unhappy with UDA.

The Daily Nation has established that some top ANC and Ford Kenya officials are unhappy that UDA is taking everything and leaving nothing for them.

They are blaming this on an agreement clause directing that positions be shared proportionately, while also accusing UDA members of mistreatment.


One of the officials, Ford Kenya Chair and Bungoma Woman Rep Catherine Wambilianga, has confirmed the feeling, bashing UDA for allocating itself the chairmanship of all committees.

The complains have reached UDA Chairman Johnson Muthama, who is calling for a more sober and decent way of addressing the upcoming issues.

“We cannot listen to individuals who are out there shouting because they are pushing their self-interests,” the ex-Machakos senator told the paper.

The paper has found out that the other officials have chosen not to publicly speak against Ruto because they are lobbying for state positions, which prevents them from openly criticizing him.

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