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People Say You Are A Thief – Lady Tells Ruto As Everyone Breaks Into Laughter

Disabled lady praises Ruto saying people are calling him a thief because he has stolen hearts

by Mambo Mseto Editor
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Today was an important day for the Kenya Kwanza team since they got another chance to engage and talk with women who will be representing the entire country. This is a meeting when they would be able to voice their issues with Ruto. During the meeting, a disabled person was given the opportunity to speak.

RutoShe brazenly told Ruto after her speech that people are calling him a thief. People are saying this because he has stolen the hearts of many people, according to the lady. When the crippled lady said this, DP Ruto’s wife appeared to be a little taken aback by the lady’s statements. DP Ruto was also a little concerned about what might happen next only to realize the next statement was praise.

The lady expressed her pride in DP Ruto’s ability to win the hearts of disabled people and the entire country. The lady encouraged her to continue stealing people’s hearts as the entire room burst out laughing.

This is a demonstration that was randomly attended by women who wanted Ruto to hear their complaints. A specific Kisii lady was among those who voiced their issues to DP Ruto.


The woman claimed that her husband had battered her and then vanished, leaving her with injuries. She stated that she had three children with whom she is having a difficult time educating. She expressed her dissatisfaction with her husband’s abandonment of her with the family’s financial obligations. She encouraged DP Ruto to find a means to ensure that women’s rights are respected in order to prevent similar abuses.

The lady went on to describe how she was compelled to relocate from Kisii to Nairobi County in order to find work. This was a very free meeting where the people were very free to say anything that is disturbing them with the current Government.

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