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Activist Okiya Omtata Promises To Shoot Down Ruto’s Finance Bill

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Busia Senator Okiya Omtata has openly told President William Ruto that he will take him to court should he not go back on his new proposed taxes.

Ruto has been having it hard convincing Kenyans to embrace the Finance Bill 2023, with the majority agreeing that the same is bad for the country.

Omtatah has now told him that he has no choice but to take the document back and correct it, failure of which he will personally take him to court.

Omtatah has added that he was actually to sue Ruto last week, but delayed the same to try and talk to him, and will have to proceed if he does not listen.

He has stated that on hearing Ruto would be visiting his county today, he changed his mind and decided to wait, hoping the court fight can be avoided.

“You are my friend Mr President but the Constitution is a bigger friend to me. I plead with you, I have already prepared a petition to go to court. But when I heard you were coming to Busia I did not file it last week. I held on. I pray that we relook at this Bill. If we can avoid fighting in court it would be good as it is bad for friends to fight,” he said in Busia on Sunday.

He made the remarks at the interdenominational prayer service graced by the president at Busia stadium in Busia County.

He also lashed out at the leaders who spoke before him, who defended the hill, accusing them of being part of the clique of Ruto allies misleading him.

Omtatah pointed out that some of the things in the bill have since been rejected by the Supreme Court and forcing it on Kenyans would be an illegal affair.

“The Finance Bill has both good and bad things therein. Let not these people here lie to you that everything is fine. The negative things therein, many go against the constitution. Let people not fool you here, let people not deceive you. There are issues in that bill where event the supreme court has pronounced itself that ought to be honoured,” he said.


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